Botswana Traveler

An American explores the desert and the delta

Affordable GPS Basemap for Botswana

If you are self-driving in Botswana, buy the affordable Tracks4Africa basemap before leaving home. You can thank me later.

Keep your USB Thumbdrive safe from viruses while traveling

If you’ve ever used an internet cafe computer, you know the problem. You insert your thumbdrive in the public computer to quickly access your resume or find a picture of your nephew and next time you use it at home, you cherished home PC slows to a crawl as it is infected with gobs of viruses. I’ve spent the last 3 days trying to find a solution to this problem as it happens to me in Botswana all the time. The best (free) solution to this problem I’ve found is the Panda USB Vaccine. It will keep your thumbdrive safe from viruses at internet cafes.

Power adapter buying guide

What travel power adapter do you need for Botswana? Can you just use the universal adapter you already have? Likely not – Botswana has an assortment of plugs unlikely to be found in your universal adapter. This post covers what adapters are needed to be fully prepared for a trip to Botswana.

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